About iTel


At iTel we focus on enhancing patient care by offering Providers simple solutions to connect with their patients. Mobile health care options are a way of the future and we are already introducing them. Patients no longer need to drive across town, or take much time out of their day in order to speak with their doctors. Instead of seeing an unknown doctor online, our telehealth system is easy to integrate into everyday medical practices so that patients can get the same care, from the same Provider both virtually and in house. iTel does not intend for telehealth to replace how Providers practice medicine, but provide simple solutions that improve the access of care for patients and improve the workflow of providers.



Health Technology

Our new mobile platform changes the landscape for the future of communications for healthcare with our secure messaging and video conferencing.

Forward Thinking

With iTel’s experience in healthcare communications, we help you anticipate your patient’s needs, and the logistics you’ll need to make communications seamless.

Problem Solvers

Our software has been tested in clinical practices and is designed to fit with your office flow. Each practice is unique; contact us to learn more about how we can help solve your practice communications requirements.

Contact us by clicking on the support icon to send an email, or call us at 1-800-553-8610



Eric Greenman, M.D.


Dr. Greenman is a nationally recognized speaker/expert in Telemental health and healthcare communications technologies. Key to development of iTel’s software, he is one of a few founders that actually uses the company’s software daily with live patients through his practice, and knows what makes for a great patient and provider user experience.  He is the original visionary and Founder of iTel—bringing 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry from a Provider perspective working directly with patients, insurance sectors, pharmacy benefits management, and the pharmaceutical industry. Dr Greenman has been a nationally featured speaker on the topic of electronic and telehealth communications. In May of 2012 he was the featured speaker for the American Association for Technology in Psychiatry, where he gave a live demonstration of iTel’s telehealth platform on the iPad to the country’s leading technology experts in telemental health in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was voted Phoenix Magazine’s Top Doctors Award in 2011 and 2014, and awarded the Patients’ Choice Award in 2012. Dr. Greenman received his M.D. Degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin.  He is a Board Certified Diplomate with the American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology, and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and was awarded Fellow status by the American Psychiatric Association in May of 2012.


Steven Urke, CPA, MBA

President & Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Urke has a B.S. Business Degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Minnesota and an Executive MBA from UCLA.  Steve is a partner in the CPA firm Urke & Stoller, LLP founded 1991 servicing clients in the medical, dental, retail, technology, and Internet industries.  Mr. Urke has been with iTel since its first year (2005) and has contributed as an investor.  He continues to add his expertise to fiscal analysis and strategy for the companies as Acting CFO.  His regulatory experience stems from having clients in 28 states and six foreign countries.  Steve has experience with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and how it impacts corporate governance and fiscal reporting for privately held companies.


Tony Maniaci

Director of Product Development

Tony is responsible for iTel’s service development. Previously he founded a communications and data management software firm supporting over fifty financial institutions that he sold to Smartstream Technologies.  He also developed software for hospitals including scheduling, wireless tablets and patient data collection.  At Apple Computer, Tony was Director of Information Systems and Technology, where he was responsible for four data centers, the Apple Online Network, development of application software and was also a member of Apple’s venture capital team.  Tony worked in Wall Street in various management positions in trading, financial engineering, systems and operations, as well as at American Airlines, and consulted for the Rand Corporation, the Financial Control Board of New York, Federal Reserve Bank of NY, and the American Stock Exchange.  He began his professional career as a guidance control engineer on the Space Shuttle Program with NASA.  Tony holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and MS in Systems Engineering from the City University, and attended postgraduate programs at Columbia University and the University of California.


Nino Segreto

Director of Engineering

Tony (Nino) is currently managing iTel’s Software Development and Delivery program.  He is an experienced software development manager with previous employment at Capital Group Companies and Smartstream Technologies.  Nino was co-founder of ESI, which delivered software services in data management and communications to the Financial Securities Industry.  As Engineering Director he had the responsibility of building and integrating all software services with ESI’s clients’ systems.  Some notable services included a global financial reporting system for a Tokyo-based bank, and the development of a wireless pen-based tablet for Hospital Nursing Stations.  Prior to joining ESI, he began his career at the New York Stock Exchange developing Mathematical Models including system data-flow models for capacity planning, and forecasting and control systems for budgeting.  Nino holds a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science.  He attended graduate programs at New York and Columbia Universities in management and computer science.


Board of Directors


Eric Greenman, M.D.

Board Member

Tony Maniaci

Board Member

Steven Urke CPA MBA

Board Member

Bo E.H. Saxberg, M.D., Ph.D.

Board Member

President of DDO Strategic Services, a consulting services company working with emerging companies seeking to take leading advantage of change driven by new technologies and information access in health care.  Prior to founding DDO, he was Vice President, Advanced Communications for Johnson & Johnson.  Prior to joining Johnson & Johnson, he was Director of Information Sciences at Eli Lilly.  Before Eli Lilly, he spent two years as an NIH Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He received an M.D. degree from Harvard and his Ph.D. in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Board of Advisors


Jay Ennesser

Jay’s last assignment in IBM was Vice President, Southwest Enterprise Business Unit, responsible for IBM’s over sales activities across IBM’s entire portfolio.  His alliances were focused on the growth of IBM’s smarter offerings in the area of healthcare, buildings, transportation and cities.  In addition, Jay was a member of IBM’s Green Sigma Coalition Executive team which works in partnership with ten industry leading companies focused on the acceleration of standards, policies and value to accelerate market growth through new innovative offerings.