Patients and Providers can connect anywhere, anytime, on the iPhone, iPad or mobile device.

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Access of Care

Relocation, travel or difficult commutes no longer stand in the way of quality care.

Reduce No-Shows

With iTel’s mobile options, patients can easily make their appointments.


Time and resources with our simple, convenient platform. Mobile, convenient waiting rooms!

Optimizing Patient Care


By using an online platform to see a Provider, patients are able to simply and securely connect with their provider on any device from any location.  No more driving across town, or wasting time in the waiting room.

Patients and Providers alike benefit from the simplicity, reliability, and convenience of iTel’s secure Video.  Providers and Clinics can benefit from telehealth by using in scenarios such as:


1. Triage patient admissions

2. Family counseling

3. Provider to Provider communications

4. External Providers

5. Discharge Planning and Coordination

6. After Care


All the communications done online are secure.

Mobile Perfect

Connection on your mobile device



Easy Credit Card Payments


Simple video communications


Patients search for online Provider profiles


Schedule a session now or anytime


Hosted on iTel's Secure Cloud

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Improve how Medicine is Practiced

Mobile, Flexible Hours

Boost Productivity

iTel’s Platforms


Telehealth is a great solution for clinics and enterprises.  Telemedicine can be a great addition to an electronic medical record.   Patients and Providers alike can benefit from the smooth flow of an online visit. 


Telehealth that integrates seamlessly into your practice, from individual providers to group practices and small clinics.  iTelepsych is the ultimate portal in Mental Health Care for Patients, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers and Master Level Therapists.  


iTel’s non-medical platform tailored for Coaches.  It is a convenient, simple way to share your skills as an expert, or to get expert advice.  By using our online video platform, clients and coaches are able to connect anytime and anyplace to get advice and support from an expert.

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