You don’t have to be tech saavy to enjoy the benefits of secure, easy to use, practice management tools. The latest and greatest tool that you can add to improve your workflow, and your patient care is Telehealth.

Make sure you have the best tools- there is nothing that is more irritating to your office staff than wasting time on the phone because software isn’t working. Something as simple as a scheduler shouldn’t be crashing.

  1. Scheduler – make sure your scheduler allows for group session, new patients, reoccurring sessions, telehealth sessions and most importantly email confirmations to remind patients not to miss out on appointment!
  1. Get an EMR – Electronic Medical Records greatly reduce the amount of work your office staff has to do. It also simplifies prescription refills, note taking and all together how your staff can quickly gather information for you or patients while on the phone.
  1. Get Video– Telehealth is a great way to optimize patient care. When seeing your patients online (make sure your telehealth system is secure- skype is NOT HIPAA compliant) it is a very convenient to be able to integrate office managers into your session and do a check out and scheduling online, in real-time with patients, via video.
  1. Make your payments automatic – if you see your patients online, your telehealth system should automatically clock the time you are on with your patients and bill automatically. Having an easy payment system for your patients simplifies your workflow and saves time for patients.
  1. Make Superbills SuperEASY – iTel’s telehealth platform collects patient information and creates a superbill for insurance and Medicare, Medicaid reimbursments.

Good practice management tools are not expensive, and in rare cases (such as iTel) you get them included in your telehealth software. Why not have all your tools combined into one platform, or at least use tools that sync together? Consider iTel for your practice management tools and secure telehealth technologies.